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Add Invisible braces
Orthodontics involves gently pushing your teeth into place over months or years. We are excited to introduce invisible braces by invisalign and orthoclear, this revolutionary technique that has brightened the smiles of thousands. We use a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth, they are comfortable and because they are made with medical-grade plastic, they are virtually invisible. Ask us how invisible aligners can help give you the smile you've always wanted.

Night guard therapy to relax the jaw muscles at night and to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding. Ask us about NTI.tss for treatmentof migraine headache and TMJ problems.

Are thin plastic coating applied in the dental office on chewing surfaces of back teeth a prime spot for cavities. Sealents act as a barrier to prevent bacteria and food from collecting and sitting on the grooves and pits of teeth.
Sealents are best suited for permanent first molar which erupt around the age of 6 and the second molar that erupts around the age of 10. It is important to have the Sealent applied as soon as the tooth has full come in.

Bad Breath (halitosis)
Bad breath can cause embarrassment, create social and psychological barriers and even affect marriage.
The majority of bad breath problems begin in the mouth.

Other reasons are:
1- infections especially in the sinuses or mouth
2- diabetes
3- kidney failure
4- malfunction of liver
5- disorder of metabolism
6- fasting

Treatment begins with a complete oral examination and health history. Bad breath sufferers should feel encouraged to seek treatment because of the high success rate in managing the problem. Ask us about professional effective mouthwash.

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